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Is it better to film vertical or horizontal?
The horizontal format is far superior to vertical when showing most things in daily life. For instance, scenes that have more than one person involved, or those that include dynamics and motion, are never vertical. They also can't be as effective as they are in a horizontal video.

When to Use Horizontal Video
Horizontal video is going to benefit you on certain platforms, including Twitter (where vertical isn’t an option) and on YouTube, where users are willing to hunker down and watch more long-form videos, and right here on Fitfabandwelltube or YourTownTube where viewers my use their TV to watch your video or iPad.

Final Thoughts
In the debate of vertical video vs. horizontal video, it really isn’t a “which should I use” as much as some people believe. A better question to ask is “which should I use when?” Vertical video has become increasingly prevalent with the extreme popularity of mobile usage, but it’s still a good call to incorporate horizontal and square video into your overall campaigns for certain content. This isn’t a bad thing; diversity in your content is important because brands need massive amounts of content for both organic and video campaigns, so using a variety of content optimized for each individual platform is the way to go.

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Hey you! Did you know that you’re very special? There is no other person in this world like you. You deserve to be loved not only by those around you but by the most important person in your life — YOU. Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges. It’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness. We practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.
So do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and start practicing the following:

1. Start each day by telling yourself something really positive. How well you handled a situation, how lovely you look today. Anything that will make you smile.
2. Fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive.
3. Move that gorgeous body of yours every single day and learn to love the skin you’re in. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.
4. Don’t believe everything you think. There is an inner critic inside of us trying to keep us small and safe. The downside is this also stops us from living a full life.
5. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them remind you just how amazing you are.
6. Listen to this video as many time as you need

Signs that you need to increase your Self-Love & Self-Acceptance levels:
Whenever you find yourself tired, drained, trying to keep up with things, fit in, blend in, be more at peace with yourself, or even hating your body, you are using vital life force that you could use for other more important things in life.

The Importance of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
“Growth begins when we start accepting ourselves” -Jean Vanier
We usually set standards that are too high for ourselves because the society expects us to be perfect. We tend to forget that everyone has flaws including the people we perceive to be perfect.

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