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The goal of this meditation is not to clear your mind, but to train your mind to notice when you are lost in thought, and then shift your awareness to the present. This helps you throughout the day learn to come out of your negative thoughts, worries about the future, or regrets about the past, so that you can enjoy your life as it's happening now. Each time your mind wanders, you simply return your attention to your breath as an anchor to the present. Your job is not to clear your mind, but to catch your mind wandering. Each time you catch your mind wandering and return to the present, you are strengthening a new neural pathway. You are strengthening the neural pathway that lets you awaken out of your normal thought pattern and connect to the present. You are practicing seeing your thoughts for what they are, just thoughts. You are practicing not reacting to those thoughts, so that you can be free to do what is truly meaningful or important to you instead.

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