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Every new day is an opportunity to dig deeper into the intention and meaning behind how we live, what we say, what we do, and how we interact with others in this world.

Welcome to today’s practice I am Gabi Johnson, and I invite you to a “Namaste guided meditation” to connect with yourself and connect with your heart

Namasté is more than a word used to end a yoga session. With respect and reverence, Namasté is a way to see and honor the reality of others.

Breath in love exhale compassion and, repeat to yourself…

Just like me everyone is seeking happiness, may we all find the happiness we are seeking
Just like me everyone is protecting themself from suffering, may we all be brave and strong enough to make space for our suffering
Just like me everyone has known sadness, may we all experience love and joy to balance the sadness
Just Like me everyone are doing the best they can, may we all offer compassion to ourselves and others

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