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Hey Flower Tribe , it’s Kelly Lehman from Cranbury Fields Flower Farm and I wanted to give you some great garden tips on how to keep your Limelight Hydrangeas looking fabulous longer each fall season.

So here it is October in my NJ secret garden and my Limelight Hydrangea flower blooms are still fresh and beautiful . I’ve been cutting these beautiful blooms and using them in our fresh cut artisanal burlap wrapped floral bouquets that we ship nationwide and people are living them ! When they are cut from the stem in the slightly dried green/pink stage , they dry really nicely in the vase and can be used as a year round dried floral arrangement for a lovely piece of home decor .

My limelight hydrangea plants used to get all burnt out and brown by the end of the summer growing season until I started using this overhead watering trick I learned from a landscaping / garden company around the corner from my flower farm here in planting zone 6 NJ.

I hope this garden tip helps your hydrangeas look as fresh and green and pink as mine do in September and October .

Please remember to keep up with your deep root watering to keep your hydrangea healthy and hydrated . Many people forget to keep up with the watering in fall but temperatures often stay hot through some fall seasons and your plants will still need the extra water on hot weeks that have no rain .

Good luck with these planting tips flower tribe !
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